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Space: 1999 Related


Click to visit The Catacombs

The Catacombs
An amazing wealth of information about Space: 1999, from it's Genesis through it's cancellation and beyond.

Space: 2099  Bringing Moonbase Alpha Into A New Future
A website created by fans trying to show the owners of Space: 1999 how it could be updated for a new audience with some updated effects, new editing techniques, and an enhanced chronology.
Space: 2099 The Series Forum
A forum created for fans to discuss all aspects the proposed Space: 2099 series from Jace Hall.

Space: 1999.ORG
A site for Space: 1999 fans with many resources like 3D models, Q&A with Brian Johnson and Barry Morse, episode guide and analysis, and more.

The Official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society. The source for information on all Gerry Anderson productions, and cool products too!

Roberto Baldassari's Eagle Transporter Pages
Fantastic Eagle cutaway poster, blueprints, and a lot more!

Click here to visit Inside Alpha

Inside Alpha
A site working to create a 3D interior of Moonbase Alpha, with some really great results.

3D Alpha
A project to create 3D models the interior of Alpha using 3DS Max.

Click to visit the Base Lunare Alpha

Base Lunare Alpha
A fantastic Space: 1999 site entirely in Italian. But don't let that stop you, I don't speak a word and I loved it!

Click to visit The Space: 1999 Population Countdown

The Space: 1999 Population Countdown
A dark, but interesting look at the loss of life during the series.

Alpha: Terminal 15
A site that extrapolates the look of Alpha's signing, and systems monitoring devices from the designs of Keith Wilson.

Online Alpha
A mailing list for discussion of Space: 1999 and related topics.

Click here to join Gaybase Alpha

Gaybase Alpha
A mailing list for gay and gay-friendly fans of Space: 1999.

Click to visit Out Orb

The Out of Earth Orbit Club
"Possibly the only active Space: 1999 fan club in the western hemisphere!" A very creative site by some really nice people.

The Alpha Moonbase SETI @ Home Page
Fans of Space: 1999 working together, analyzing radio telescope data to aid in the search for signs of intelligent life in the universe.

Click to visit the Cyber Museum

The Space: 1999 Cyber Museum
One of the largest Space: 1999 sites on the web.

Click to visit

Space: 1999 Eagle 1
A pictorial showcase of one man's 1976 Mattel Eagle 1 Spaceship customization and restoration. Great job on both the Eagle and the site!

Click to visit
Fun Space: 1999 (and other) themed picture puzzles, along with Movie reviews and much more.

Click to visit Look-in Picture Strip Archive

The Look-in Picture Strip Archive
A site dedicated to the picture strips of the UK children's magazine Look-in.
Featuring "Sapphire and Steel", "Space: 1999", and looking to expand to feature others. Very Cool!

Click to visit
The web's premier visual reference resource for Space 1999 Eagle Transporter models and replicas. An amazing collection of information about Various Eagle models and toys!

Click to visit forum

Space: 1999 Original & Replica Props Forum
A forum to share information about Space: 1999 model and prop building. If you are a model maker and require Space:1999 prop reference information, then this is the place for YOU!

Click to visit Mondstation 1999

Mondstation 1999
A really cool English language site dedicated to German Space: 1999 print media.

Click to visit Mondbasis Alpha

Mondbasis Alpha
A really cool German language Space: 1999 site. Well worth checking out even if you don't speak the language!

Click to visit
"Your guide to serie tv"
A site with episode guides, cast info, merchandise guides... plus a whole lot more, for wide variety of cult shows, including Space: 1999.

Space: 1999 Merchandise

Click to visit Powys Media

Powys Media
Releasing a new series of officially authorized, and licensed original novels based on Space: 1999.

The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Space: 1999
The Eagles are boarding... their destination: Moonbase Alpha
The most comprehensive book on Space: 1999.

Fab Gear
The North American Headquarters For Gerry Anderson Collectibles and cool toys from around the world!

Sixteen 12 Collectibles LTD
"The Home of Collectibles from British Classic TV and Films".

Forbidden Planet International
Toys, figures, posters, books, magazines, and more, for fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Comet Miniatures Marketing
Toys, figures, models, books, magazines, and more, for fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Click to visit Deep Discount DVD

Deep Discount DVD
A great site for Region 1 DVD's, especially Space: 1999


Cool Web Sites

Click to visit Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness
A cool, eclectic site, with something to interest and amuse anyone.

Click to visit the Star Trek Continuum

The Star Trek Continuum
The official site, covering all things Star Trek.

Click to visit The Official Star Wars site

Star Wars The Official Site
A complete guide to the best series of movies ever made.

Slacker's Sci-Fi Source
"Your source for all things sci-fi on the web!" Another cool site with all kinds of Science Fiction links.

Bad Astronomy
"Bad Astronomer" Phil Plaitt's site is devoted to airing out myths and misconceptions in astronomy and related topics.

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