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Here are some buried treasures that have only recently seen the light of day, after years of stasis, in the catacombs of the moon.

Thanks Kevin!

This is the Eagle 1 playset. I did not own this originally. It was bought for me by my brother Kevin at a yard sale. He knew I'd go nuts for it.

This is the fantastic original television soundtrack, composed by Barry Gray, released in 1976.

This is an album of four audio adventures not performed by the original cast, also released in 1976.

Thanks Roy!

The second issue of Starlog.
Replaced after many years by my friend Roy.

The Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook, from which most of the blueprints on this site are "borrowed" and a lot of other information.

Thanks Ellen!
A gift from Ellen about two of my favorite Gerry Anderson shows,
by Chris Drake.

Thanks Chance!
"The Making of Space: 1999", sent to me by my new friend Chance, for which I am eternally grateful.

"Space: 1999 The Future is Fantastic" sadly has gone out of print. I feel lucky that I was able to get a copy before this happened.

Available exclusively through Fanderson Available exclusively through Fanderson
The Space:1999 Season 1 double CD soundtrack, with original scores by Barry Gray and additional music by various composers. Available exclusively through Fanderson. The Space: 1999 Season 2 double CD soundtrack, with original scores By Derek Wadsworth. Available exclusively through Fanderson.

The Space:1999 Season 2 single CD soundtrack with original scores by Derek Wadsworth. This is actually a promotional disc produced by the composer.

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Bubble Gum Cards released in 1976
(click on the pack above to see the cards)

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This is the calendar released in 1976.
(click on the cover to see the monthly pics)

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