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These are some recent additions to the Catacombs.

Thanks Ellen and Ed!
The Space: 1999 lunch box that I got for Christmas.

My Comet Eagle shown slightly larger than actual size.

This is the stun gun I picked up at the Main Mission: 2000 convention.
It has always been a dream of mine to own one.


And it's companion, the commlock by Mark Shaw.
 Also picked up at Main Mission: 2000. What can I say? Another dream come true.

John Muir's fascinating book on Space: 1999
I just don't look at the series the same way since seeing him at Main Mission
and reading his book (which he signed at the con).

Thanks Derek!

The Japanese Space: 1999 picture book. I got this in a trade
and got the better part of the deal in my eyes.

Thanks Mike! Don't call me honeychild!

Two welcome additions to my collection sent to me by my friend Mike.

The recent reissue of the Eagle Transporter model,
as yet, unassembled.

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The Sept./Oct. 2000 issue of Cinescape.


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