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Communication Post

Communication Posts, or Commposts as they are commonly referred to, are located in virtually every corridor and room throughout the base. Each one is marked with a Section identifying circle on the lighted, uppermost panel. The identifier is color coded with the sections assigned color, and with the first letter of that section's name. They are used primarily for interbase communication, but external signals can be patched through to Commpost locations. The entire Commpost network can be accessed at once for announcements by the Base Commander, Main Mission Controller, Security Chief, Alpha News Service, etc., or they can be used to contact a specific room or section.

The commpost as seen in year 1. Notice the font used to identify the section. It is the very stylized "Countdown" font. On the year 2 commpost, the font has changed (to a basic sans serif), as well as the speaker panel directly below it.

Commposts are also a link to Main Computer, via voice command, and capable of print outs. Each commpost also has a lunar chronometer. Some have additional signing on top that act as "street signs".

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(To download a zip file with more detailed blueprints, click on the image above)

Travel Tube

The Travel Tube is Alpha's long distance, interbase transportation system. The cars move through tubes in a vacuum between sections of the base, and to the launch pads.

The Travel Tube at a junction in the network.

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