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The Exhibits

David Penn David Penn sounds the Red Alert when unauthorized personnel step onto the carpet of the Destination: Moonbase Alpha Exhibit. "Security, to living quarters, intruder alert! Security to living quarters... Security!"
A beautifully crafted replica of an Eagle, complete with astronauts in the cockpit. I have recently heard from several sources that it was built by Barry Scannell. He has a website called "Main Motors" dedicated to model building. Eagle model
Composite using Eagle model photo The same Eagle model as it might look flying over the Lunar surface.
An equally impressive Ultra Probe model by Gil Brumana, donated to the charity auction which raised $500, (Jeez, where was I when this was being sold? What a steal!) More of his work can be seen at his website "Moonbase Models". The Ultra Probe
Composite using Ultra Probe photo The Ultra Probe model as it might look in deep space. Too bad I missed that part of the charity auction. I would have liked to see what it would have looked like in my living room! And somehow a composite photo just wouldn't be the same...
Jim Small's Kaldorian Sleeper ship (from the episode Earthbound). One of my favorite ships from the show because of it's unusual and slightly ungainly design. If you would like to see more of Jim's work, you can visit his site Small Art Works. Photo courtesy Mike Jones
composite using Kaldorian Sleeper Ship photo The Kaldorian Sleeper Ship as it might look in deep space.
Another of Jim Small's creations. A moon buggy model complete with astronauts.
Composite using the moonbuggy photo Jim Small's moon buggy takes it's place by the launch pad, just like so many moon buggies that have gone before it.
A picture of Keith Wilson's pre-production art for Ring Around the Moon, sold in the charity auction. There were so many great pieces displayed in the Keith Wilson Tribute, many of which were under glass and my photos did not come out very well. "Ring Around the Moon" pre-production art by Keith Wilson

Some of the original Rudi Gernreich costumes on display in the Keith Wilson tribute room from the collection of of Aaron Carlson. Also on display are Maya's dress, and Mentor's robe designed by Emma Porteous.

The Fans

Alphans with Main Mission tower composited. Click for larger version
Now we see where all the Security personnel were when the con was being invaded by stormtroopers!
Alphans and Mentor. Click for larger version
Mentor visits Alpha in the guise of Aaron Carlson
Zienia Merton and Alphans in PJ's. Click for larger version
Zienia Merton with a group of Alphans in their pajamas. Funny, they don't look the least bit upset at being gotten out of bed for a "photo op". Or could it be they were all on their way to stop "Operation Shockwave"?

Fans in a variety of costumes Fans dressed as: a prisoner of Entra (Devil's Planet), Zarl (One Moment of Humanity), Luke Ferro (Testament of Arkadia), Alphan in pajamas, and Cantar (The Exiles). Photo courtesy of Mike Jones.
Mark Shaw and Victor Scaggs (responsible for the 24 hour video room at the con) as Jarak and an Alphan Security Guard. Mark Shaw and Victor Scaggs
Me in Alpha living quarters "Yours truly", in the Destination: Moonbase Alpha exhibit. Every bit a dream come true. I have always wanted a room in my home to look like Alpha. At least, for now I have a picture of me "on Alpha".
David Penn and me. Hmmm, one of us looks slightly out of place. David Penn and me
Me and William Clegg Me and William Clegg at the brunch with the stars. I have to say that I was impressed by the way Prentis Hancock worked the room. He was the only star that made it to our table. Bonus points for Prentis! Photo courtesy of Mike Jones.
A group of fans in costume, no doubt, "wanking" over Keith Wilson. Photo, once again, courtesy of Mike Jones. Watch where you point that thing!
Composite photo 3 Alphans Three Alphans ready for anything that comes their way. Photo, yet again, courtesy of Mike Jones

More Memories

There were so many people and things that I did not get pictures of, that I wanted to, but I find that some of the best memories were not things that you could actually take pictures of... I will always remember Catherine Schell saying "Who do I have to f*ck to get off of this picture?", John Hug letting slip that Nick Tate wore a hair piece (the shock was palpable in the room!), and Zienia Merton declaring that she has "enormous nipples"! But more than any of these things I will remember the people I met, and the friendships I found.

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