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The pictures on this page were sent to me by Reynaldo Morales.
I had a little fun with a few of them.
I appreciate him sharing some of his Main Mission memories.

Reynaldo with fellow Alphans and a few alien visitors. From left to right, Reynaldo Morales, Mark Shaw (as Jarak from "Alpha Child"), Kit Bevan (as Zarl from "One Moment of Humanity"), David McLaughlin (in first season silver jacket), and Jay Willis (as Helena).
Kit Bevan, with Bill Boyajian (as Dave O'Reilly from "All That Glisters"), Tim Mallet (as Cantar from "The Exiles"), and Robert Wood (in pajamas).
Helena and Cantar on Golos?
First season meets second season? Reynaldo in a Year 1 pilot's uniform, and Chris Paulson in the Year 2 version.
Reynaldo puts the moves on Helena?
Reynaldo poses with Richard Hatch.
And again, with the adorable Catherine Schell.
Prentis Hancock at the autograph table.
A very nice picture of Grace Lee Whitney.
A few more guests at the convention. From left to right: Richard Hatch, Steve McGrath, and Jack Stouffer.
Zienia Merton poses with some fans in costume.
Arra makes an appearance.
A little ruckus in the hotel lobby, as sci-fi universes collide...

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