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First Season
All tracks composed by Barry Gray except where noted.


Season 1 Opening Theme
Composed by Barry Gray with Vic Elms

Season 1 Closing Theme
Composed by Barry Gray with Vic Elms

Commercial Break Sting


Dark Side of the Moon

People Are Dying Up Here

Area 2


Human Decision Required

Maybe There

Matter of Life and Death:

Terra Nova

The Prodigal Husband

Too Good To Be True

Phase 2

Matter of Life and Death

Paradise Lost

Black Sun:


Black Sun

Force Shield

Moonbase Alpha

Survival Ship

Event Horizon


Ring Around the Moon:

Ring Around the Moon

Another Time, Another Place:

Moon Odyssey

Up There Again

Regina's World


Santa Maria

Flowers For Helena

Missing Link:

The City of Light

Guardian of Piri:

Welcome to Piri

Alpha Child:

The Cuckoo

Force of Life:


The Solarium
(Composed by Giampiero Boneschi)

The Last Sunset:

A Gift from Ariel

Collision Course:


Death's Other Dominion:

Ultima Thule

The Full Circle:

The Tribe

End of Eternity:


War Games:


The Troubled Spirit:


Space Brain:


The Infernal Machine:


Mission of the Darians

The Daria (100 Square Miles/ Macrocosm)

Dragon's Domain:

The Ultra Probe
Composed by Tomaso Albinoni


The Testament of Arkadia:

The Origins of Life/ The Miracle

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