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Second Season
All tracks composed by Derek Wadsworth except where noted.


Season 2 Opening Theme

Season 2 Closing Theme

Commercial Break Sting 1

Commercial Break Sting 2

The Metamorph:

Strange Light

Rendezvous in Space

Welcome to Psychon

Directive Four

The Death of Psychon

We're All Aliens

The Exiles:

A Swarm of Space Bees

The First Capsule

The Exiles

A Kiss from Helena/ The Power Room


Make Me a Pretty Nose

One Moment of Humanity:



Alone On Alpha

The Strongest Passion

A New Desdemona

One Moment of Humanity

The Taybor:

Alpha Ahoy!

The Emporium

Fair Trade

Transaction Complete

Sore Loser

Space Warp:

What's Happened to Alpha?

Light Years Away

Space Animal on the Loose

Message from the Dead

Showdown at Copernicus

Perfectly Relaxed

Pop Source

The Rules of Luton:

Memories of Psychon

New Adam, New Eve:

How Beautiful is the Night
Composed by Robert Farnon

Bringers of Wonder:

Kill Koenig!


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