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Alternate Themes & Covers


First Season Alternate Theme#

Space: 1999 Electrotheme

Second Season Alternate Theme 1#

Second Season Alternate End Theme 1#

Second Season Alternate Theme 2#

Second Season Alternate End Theme 2#

Second Season Alternate Theme 3#

Space:1999 Theme Year

Space:1999 Theme Year 2º

Space:1999 II - Mondbasis Alpha 1¤

Piano: 1999**

Space: 1999 (Geoff Love cover)**

Space: 1999 (Rocket Scientists cover)+

Space: 1999 (Neil Norman cover)+

Space: 1999 Theme (Concert Arrangement)^

Space: 1999 (Janette Baldwin cover)

Space: 1999 Theme (London Theatre Orchestra)

Space: 1999 (The Alpha Mix)ø

Space: 1999 Theme Montage

We're All Aliens (Extended Version)#

Space: 1999 Theme (Highlander DJ Remix)


Space: 1999
(composed by Ennio Morricone)

SOS Spazio: 1999 (finale)


Space: 1999 Theme Song π
(Words and music by Ichiro Araki, Performed by Tsunehiko Joshino)
Click here to read the lyrics translated by Barbara Conrady

Space: 1999 Theme Song Instrumental Version††


Oxygene (used as the Year 2 theme)≈
(by Jean Michel Jarre)


Closing Credits Song
(Words and Music By Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, Performed by Oliver Onions)


Alien Attack Opening Credits (Giant's Causeway)
(Composed by Mick Ingman)

Alien Attack Closing Credits


UFO Opening Theme (w/sound effects)

UFO Theme

UFO Theme (Orchestral Version)^

UFO S.H.A.D.O. Theme (Rocket Scientists cover)


Thunderbirds Theme

Thunderbirds Theme Song (discarded)

Thunderbirds Are Go!
(Arranged by Hans Zimmer)

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Thunderbirds Are Go! (Acoustic Version)



Marina (Stingray closing credits)

Stingray Medley^


Scarlet Spectrum+

Captain Scarlet Theme~

Captain Scarlet Orchestral Version^


Fireball XL5 Theme Ω

Zero G Ω
(From Fireball XL5)


Joe 90 Theme

Joe 90ˆ

Joe 90 Power Themes Mix+


Supercar (Series 1 theme) Ω

Supercar (Series 2 theme)Ω


(A.K.A. Journey to the Far Side of the Sun)

Search and Rescue
(From Doppelganger)


The Day After Tomorrow
By Derek Wadsworth


Other Themes

The Rhythm
(spoken word by Ian McShane)

Storm At Sunup by Gino Vanelli
(Basis for Derek Wadsworth's score for the dance scene in One Moment of Humanity)

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
Excerpt used in One Moment of Humanity


** Provided by Kai Baer
¤ Provided by Phil Merkel
∂ Provided by William Clegg
+ Provided by Victor Scaggs
∆Provided by Janette Baldwin
Provided and mixed by Brad Rouillier
π Provided by Anonymous
†† Provided by Martin Willey (of the brilliant Catacombs site)
Provided by Klaus Shröder
√ Provided by Christopher Thompson
ø Provided by David Bobzien

# From the Fanderson Soundtracks pictured below (not used in the series)
º From the CD "The Cult Files Re-opened" (Conducted by Derek Wadsworth)
ˆFrom the CD "FAB: Music from the TV shows of Barry Gray"
∞From the CD "Time of Adventure" by Ennio Morricone
π From the CD "Fantasic Memory", Toshiba-EMI, Japan 2002
Ω From the CD "Supercar and Fireball XL5" from Fanderson

√ From the Emporio CD Sci-Fi Themes
∂ From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "Thunderbirds"
~From the Silva Screen CD "Captain Scarlet"


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