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A derelict Spaceship appears
in Alpha's third quadrant. John
and Tony take an Eagle out to
investigate. Maya is suddenly
taken ill, having developed a
fever of unknown origin that
resists all of Helena's attempts
to treat it. She can't help but
wonder if the two occurrences
are in some way related. In
Maya's feverish state, she is
seeing the breakup of Psychon,
and trying to convince Mentor
to leave the planet. In a brief
moment of lucidity, she tells
Helena that she is afraid.
Maya asks for Tony, and Helena
has Alan contact them in Eagle
1 to get an estimate on their
return to Alpha. John tells Alan
that they will be back after they
board the alien ship. The
Moon starts to shake and the
Alphans are tossed around.
John and Tony watch on their
screen as the Moon disappears
from site. John figures that
it must have passed through
a space warp. Back on Alpha,
they reach the same conclusion
when they learn that the Moon
is five light years away from
it's previous position in space.
Alan questions the likely hood
of the Commander ever making it
back to Alpha. Sandra suggests
the possibility of him finding a
window in the space warp. Alan
has a refueling Eagle launch on
the off chance that they do
Find their way back. Maya asks
Helena to put her in restraints,
fearing that she is losing control
over her powers of molecular
transformation, and might be
dangerous. Helena reluctantly
agrees at Maya's insistence.
When she contacts Command
Center, Alan tells her that the
Moon passed through a space
warp, and that Eagle 1 is on
the other side. Helena goes to
Command Center for more
information. Helena learns that
the odds of Eagle 1 making
it back are astronomical.
Shaken, she returns to Medical
Center to check on Maya. When
she arrives, she finds Maya has
transformed into an alien, and
broken free of her restraints.
The creature attacks Helena,
knocking her unconscious, and
leaves Medical Center.
She begins a rampage attacking
everyone she come into contact
with. Reports start flowing into
Command Center about alien
attacks. Alan orders the creature
to be shot on sight. Security
finds it in an elevator between
floors. Ben Vincent finds Helena
and she tells him that Maya
has broken free. He tells her
that Alan has given a "shoot to
kill" order. Helena contacts him
just in time to have the order
rescinded before Maya is shot.
They try to stun her, to no effect.
Helena suggests using a
tranquilizer dart with "more of
a kick" instead, and prepares
one for the task. They catch up
to Maya just before she enters
a travel tube. When she does
not respond to Helena's pleas,
they shoot her with the dart.
She enters the travel tube
heading for launch pad 4.
Alan shuts down power to the
travel tube to try to trap her
underground. Maya breaks out,
attacks the crew of launch pad 4,
and boards Eagle 4. She retracts
the boarding tube, so they have
to lower the platform in order
to stop her flying off to the, now,
non-existent Psychon. The Eagle is
brought into the hangar remotely.
The tranquilizer begins to take
effect and the creature (Maya) tries
to lift off underground, crashing
into the ceiling, and then flipping
over, and colliding with another
Eagle. The hangar is engulfed
in flames. A team of fire fighters
 is sent in to rescue Maya. They
get her out, but she is dying from
injuries sustained in the crash,
and Helena is just not familiar
enough with it's anatomy to be
able to operate. When they return
to Medical Center, Helena tries
to get Maya to revert, so she can
operate. Maya transforms, but into
a Psychon male, who immediately
goes berserk, and tries to fight it's
way out of Medical Center. After
Alan hits the alarm, Security shows
up and stuns him. He collapses,
but transforms into a large
creature, and exits the room. On
the other side of the space warp,
John and Tony have docked with
the alien vessel to see if they can
use it's fuel stores to supplement
their own. They board the alien
ship, John finds a data bank,
and discovers a message left by
Captain Duro, of the scout ship
Menon, who details his crew's
search for the space warp, after
their mothership, Admenon, had
passed through it, and their
tragic end, when they were on the
verge of success. With his dying
breath, he outlines the steps
necessary to find the correct
coordinates using the space
warp locator. Back on Alpha,
Maya is trying to break out
of the base through an airlock.
Helena suggests trying an
anesthetic gas cylinder to
knock her out before she
breaks through, causing explosive
decompression of that section of
the base. She opens the inner
airlock door, trapping Maya
inside, then fills the airlock with
anesthetic gas. It has no effect,
and Maya breaks through the
outer door. Amazingly, Maya
survives, as she has turned into
a creature that can store oxygen,
"like a camel stores water". But
they still have to get her back
before she transforms again or
she will die on the lunar surface.
She and Alan suit up, and take
a moonbuggy out after Maya.
John and Tony hook up the space
warp locator to the Eagle, and
program it according to Captain
Duro's instructions, hoping that
it will work. Maya attacks Alan
and Helena, when they catch
up to her. Alan manages to
take down the tiring creature
down, but ruptures his air tanks
in the scuffle. Helena repairs it,
and calls for an emergency Eagle
to pick them up, before Maya
runs out of air, or changes back.
John and Tony program their
Eagle with the coordinates given
by the space warp locator. They
tow the derelict with them as they
head towards the designated
point in space. The space warp
opens before them and they
enter. As they pass through,
Maya begins cycling through
her recent transformations.
As they emerge on the other
side, she returns to normal, her
fever gone. Back in Command
Center, Sandra reads a large
disturbance near refueling Eagle.
Alan has her put it on the big
screen. It's Eagle 1. Alan relays
this to Helena, who joins them
in Command Center. Koenig
says that he wants Maya to
check out the derelict ship.
Helena says "as soon as she's
awake". Tony and John assume
that means the rest of the Alphans
have been taking it easy, and
Helena let's them believe it.

Screenplay................................Charles Woodgrove (Fred Freiberger)

Director......................................................................Peter Medak

Additional Cast

Zienia Merton.............................................................Sandra Benes

Jefferey Kissoon.........................................................Dr. Ben Vincent

Andrew Lodge............................................Grasshopper (Capt. Duro)

Trevor Thomas........................................................Refuel Eagle Pilot

Peter Porteous........................................................................Petrov

Tony Osoba..........................................................................Guard

John Judd.............................................................................Guard

What can I say? I love this episode! Despite a weak story, and some pathetic dialogue e.g.
 "(I feel) like I've been riding the tail of a comet for days on end", this episode is still a lot of fun.

 Catherine Schell delivers as the feverish Maya. Her pleas to be restrained, come across as both frightened and concerned for her fellow Alphans. Sadly, not even she, could save the horrendous line written above. It's enough to give you nightmares...

Barbara Bain does her usual excellent job. One particular favorite moment is when Helena learns that John is lost on the other side of the space warp, and she asks what his chances of finding a way back. Alan replies that it would depend on luck. Her grim questioning of "Luck in space?" is just classic.

Actually this scene is great for all involved. Zienia Merton shines as the concerned Sandra, and Nick Tate does a nice job with his expanded role.

The action continues at good pace, and is really accentuated by Derek Wadsworth's score. You can tell that this is one of the episodes that the score was written especially for.

And the absolute highlight of the episode has to be the underground hangar sequence. When Maya lifts off in the hangar and the Eagle crashes into everything... well, with this scene in the episode, I can forgive all the rest of it's faults!
Click here to view more images of the hangar scene
Click on the image above for more pictures from this scene.

I like the fact that John and Tony get stuck on the other side of the space warp, but the resolution seems a little too easy. I wish they had to struggle more, or be a little more ingenious themselves. The alien captain just hands the answers over on a silver platter. I think a chance for some serious drama from them was let pass by. It doesn't help the dramatic potential, or the plausibility of the story, that the Menon records are labeled with standard numerals.

But on the other hand, how would they have been able to enter the correct equations if it was written in an alien language?

Oddly, Helena was so worried about Maya changing back and suffocating in the vacuum on the lunar surface, but no one was worried about poor Alan Carter when his visor flew open during the fight scene with the Creature Maya had transformed into!

Clearly this is not a perfect episode, but it is still a personal favorite.

Replies to comments made here are always welcome. You can contact me by using the commlock in the Communication Centre.

In this episode we see the view screen from AB Chrysalis used again on the derelict ship.

Well, the robot from
The Beta Cloud has come back again! ...with some minor modifications, including a new paint job and a bad wig.

We also see part of one of the laser tanks from The Infernal Machine in the hangar scene.

Not least of all we see the Space Warp Locator, which oddly the Alphans have had in their possession for some time. We saw it on the Eagle in Matter of Balance

I know there are more, but they escape me at this time.

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Click here to play sound "Moonbase Alpha status report,
1807 days after leaving Earth orbit..."
Click here to play sound Maya has a nightmare about her Father on Psychon.
Click here to play sound Alpha passes through the space warp,
and John and Tony are stranded.
Click here to play sound Sandra tries to locate Eagle 1,
and Alan realizes what happened.
Click here to play sound Maya is worried about what
she will do in her feverish state.
Click here to play sound Helena finds out about the space warp.
Click here to play sound Helena figures the odds
 of John getting back to Alpha.
Click here to play sound Maya wreaks havoc on Alpha.
Click here to play sound Helena reveals Maya's motivation to Alan.
Click here to play sound Maya trashes the underground hangar.
Click here to play sound Captain Duro whispers his last messages.
Click here to play sound Duro whispers the instructions
to the space warp locator.
Click here to play sound Helena gambles on an anesthetic gas, and loses.
Click here to play sound John and Tony make it through the space warp.
Click here to play sound Maya is miraculously cured,
 but delivers sickening dialogue.
Click here to play sound Tony and John assume the rest of the
Alphans have been loafing.
Click here to play sound Background sound

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