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Season 2

Click to view The Metamorph archive 1. The Metamorph
A reconnaissance Eagle is dragged down to the planet Psychon, by a ball of light. Koenig makes a deal to have his people returned at a predetermined point in space. Upon reaching the rendezvous point, they are met by a ship which turns into a ball of light and drags their Eagle down to a graveyard of spaceships. In a nearby cave, they find the mindless owners of the ships. Mentor has drained their minds to feed Psyche, his biological computer, which he believes will restore Psychon to the lush world it once was. Mentor tells Koenig that the Alphans, too, will be fed to Psyche... or be destroyed.
Click to view The Exiles archive 2. The Exiles
Hundreds of tiny capsules go into orbit around the Moon. The Alphans bring one down and examine it, finding the perfectly preserved body of a young boy. He tells them that his people were exiled from their home by invaders, and asks if they could live on Alpha if he could modify the life support systems to accommodate them all. Koenig agrees to let Cantar, and his wife, Zova, try. Instead they create a transporter, and Cantar takes Helena and Tony to his home world, Golos, where he begins a reign of terror. Zova tells Koenig to bring down the rest of the capsules, or Helena and Tony will die.
Click to view One Moment of Humanity Archive 3. One Moment of Humanity
Without warning, all power on Alpha dies. In a flash of light, Zamara appears and says that if two Alphans return to Vega with her she will restore their power. Helena and Tony are chosen, and soon learn that Zamara and her people are a race of androids who would like to kill their humanoid creators, but have never seen violent emotions and cannot, therefore, express them. When Helena and Tony fail to display these emotions, they bring Koenig and Maya to Vega.  Zarl, seduces Helena in front of Koenig, who attacks the Android in a jealous rage. They have seen. Now, they can kill!
Click here to view All That Glisters archive 4. All That Glisters
Searching for the rare mineral Milgonite, a vital component of Alpha's life support system, brings them to a seemingly lifeless planet, where their sensors lead them to a large glowing rock formation. They laser off a chunk, for analysis back at the Eagle, where the rock emits a beam of light that takes control of Tony. It sends Tony to bring back another piece, and Maya transforms into another rock, in order to find out what it wants, and is brought back by Tony. The rock attempts to fuse with Maya who can not revert back to her normal form. Unless they can stop it, Maya will be lost forever.
Click here to view Journey to Where archive 5. Journey to Where
Alpha receives a neutrino transmission from Texas City, planet Earth, telling them that it is possible to build a transporter capable of returning the stranded Alphans to Earth. After several safety tests, it is time to send humans through. Koenig, Helena, and Alan are the first to enter the transference beam, but an Earthquake occurs at the same moment diverting the beam off course. Koenig's team now find themselves lost in space and time, and the scientists of Texas City, and Moonbase Alpha have a limited window of opportunity to rescue them, but where and when to look?
Click here to visit The Taybor archive 6. The Taybor
Alphans learn the hard way to beware of traders bearing gifts, when the base is visited by Taybor, skipper of the SS Emporium. He is there to trade his incredible wares, but Koenig is more interested in his jump drive. An Eagle equipped with such a drive could shuttle the Alphans back to Earth through hyperspace. Koenig offers Taybor the Moon, but he has his sites on Maya. Koenig, of course, refuses, but offers to trade a life size replica of Maya to keep Taybor company. He agrees, but takes the real Maya and disappears into hyperspace, and there is nothing that Alpha can do.
Click here to view The Mark of Archanon archive 7. The Mark of Archanon
Below the surface of the Moon, Alan Carter and Andy Johnson discover two bodies in stasis. They release Pasc and his son Etrec, who explain that they are from Archanon, the planet of peace, and were placed in stasis by members of their crew with the "killing sickness." They learn that Pasc and Etrec are the ones with the sickness and were placed in the chamber until a cure could be found. Pasc forces Helena into an Eagle at gunpoint and demands that Etrec, be brought to him. Etrec would rather stay with his friend Alan Carter, but Pasc threatens to kill Helena if the boy is not brought to him.
Click here to view The Rules of Luton archive 8. The Rules of Luton
While Koenig and Maya are investigating the planet Luton, Eagle 1 develops an oxygen leak and Tony is forced to return to Alpha for repairs. Koenig eats some wild berries and Maya picks a beautiful flower, when a thunderous voice declares them cannibals and murderers. The rulers of the planet sentence them to mortal combat with three other alien "criminals." Luton disappears from Alpha's sensors and they are unable to rescue their missing crewmates. So it is a fight to the death with these aliens, who, when it is learned that Maya is a transmorph, are given three secret, special abilities.
Click here to view Brian the Brain archive 9. Brian the Brain
When a Swift support craft approaches and lands on Moonbase Alpha, they are surprised to find that the pilot is a chatty robot named Brian. He tells them that the crew of his mothership had died on the nearby Planet D, and that he has been in orbit ever since. After inviting Koenig and Helena aboard, he kidnaps them and takes them to the mysterious Planet D where he makes his true intentions known.
Click here to view New Adam, New Eve archive 10. New Adam, New Eve
Like a vision from the Old Testament, Magus appears in Command Center and claims that he is the creator of all life on Earth, and says that he is going to give humans something he has never given any other race, a second chance. Koenig, Helena, Tony, and Maya are chosen to be the new Adams and Eves. Magus teleports them to the new Eden he has constructed, a small lush world nearby. As they uncover the secrets behind Eden and Magus, the problem remains, how do you fight a being with God-like powers?
Click here to view The AB Chrysalis archive 11. The A B Chrysalis
 Alpha is being pummeled by shock waves emanating from a ring of moons surrounding a planet. Koenig, Alan, and Maya investigate, and are told by a voice probe, on the nearest moon, that only the "Masters" can stop them, but all are in a state of hibernation except one, who has gone senile. When Koenig tries to get him to listen, he accidentally breaks the seal of his chamber, killing him. When the first two re-awaken, they hear Koenig's plea. The two, A and B, disagree. They have to wait for a third deciding vote. When C is born, he turns out to be a relative of the "Master" killed by Koenig.
Click here to view Catacombs of the Moon archive 12. Catacombs of the Moon
Michelle Osgood lies dying in the Medical Center, awaiting the mechanical heart that can save her. In the catacombs beneath the Moon, her husband Patrick is caught in an explosion and has visions of Alpha being consumed by a raging fire. Hallucination or premonition? When a freak heat wave hits Alpha, Koenig takes an Eagle to investigate and discovers a flaming plasma cloud is on a collision course. Meanwhile, Osgood has snatched his wife from Medical Center and has taken her down into the catacombs, and strapped himself with explosives to keep anyone from stopping him.
Click to visit Seed of Destruction archive 13. Seed of Destruction
When Koenig and Alan investigate a jewel-like asteroid that seems to draining power from Alpha, Koenig enters a crystalline cave resembling a hall of mirrors, while Alan makes repairs to the Eagle. Koenig is unprepared for an attack by one of his reflections come to life. It overpowers him, exchanges clothes, and imprisons him in the crystalline matrix. The imposter returns to Alpha where he claims the only way to stop the power loss is to destroy the asteroid with an energy beam. Tony and Maya start to suspect that something is wrong. They must stop the "mirror Koenig" from destroying Alpha.
Click to visit The Beta Cloud archive 14. The Beta Cloud
A strange cloud incapacitates most of Alpha. Commanding a skeleton crew, Tony sends Eagle 6 to investigate the cloud. The ship returns well past the point where it should have run out of fuel. It lands, without it's crew, manned only by a huge creature that begins to destroy the base. A voice from the cloud announces that the creature has been sent to take the life support core. Lasers, poison, and electricity have no effect, but somehow they must stop this monster before it reaches the Life Support section, and deprives Alpha of it's most essential component.
Click to visit A Matter of Balance archive 15. A Matter of Balance
Botanist Shermeen Williams is visited by the disembodied spirit of Vindrus, who tells her he's a being from an antimatter universe who's people are facing extinction if they do not cross over to the universe of matter. He tells her to bring a portable nuclear generator to a temple on the planet Sunim, to power the machine that will allow his people to enter this universe. What he has neglected to mention, is the fact that for every one of his people that crosses over, one must be sent from this universe to his. Vindrus plans to use the people of Alpha to maintain the balance.
Click here to view Space Warp Archive 16. Space Warp
While Koenig and Tony are investigating a derelict spaceship, the Moon moves through a space warp and is transported five light-years from it's previous position. Eagle 1's only hope is to find the same warp through which Alpha has passed. Meanwhile, back on Alpha, Maya has become ill, and in her delirium, has tried to steal an Eagle to return to Psychon to save her father. While Koenig and Tony try to find their way home, the Alphans have to stop Maya, who keeps changing from creature to creature, from tearing the base apart.
Click here to view Bringers of Wonder Part 1 Archive 17. The Bringers of Wonder Part 1
Koenig begins acting irrationally and crashes his Eagle near the nuclear waste domes. Helena hooks him up to a brainwave feedback complex to stabilize his erratic readings. While Koenig is unconscious, a Super-Swift approaches Alpha full of friends and relatives. When Koenig awakens Helena tells him the good news, and he rushes to Command Center, but sees neither friends nor relatives, but hideous one-eyed monsters. And on the launch pad, a spacecraft of alien design. Helena sedates the now frantic Koenig. In Medical Center, one of the creatures enters, to kill the unconscious Koenig.
Click here to view Bringers of Wonder Part 2 Archive 18. The Bringers of Wonder Part 2
Having survived an attempt on his life, Koenig realizes the the brainwave feedback machine must have enabled him to see these creatures for what they are. With great difficulty he convinces Maya to undergo the same treatment, once completed, she is then able to confirm his story. It is soon learned that the aliens are using illusion to trick the Alphans into blowing up the rest of the nuclear waste domes so that they might feed off the energy. Koenig must now fight his own people, under the aliens control, to prevent their annihilation.
Click here to view The Lambda Factor archive 19. The Lambda Factor
Medical technician Sally Martin is killed in a violent and bizarre manner as a strange cloud appears over Alpha. Tony investigates, and finds all evidence pointing toward Carolyn Powell, who stole Sally's boyfriend. But it seems Carolyn could not have killed Sally by any physical means. Maya discovers that the cloud is emitting lambda waves, a form of energy which amplifies natural psychic ability. Carolyn Powell appears to have greater powers than most and has taken over Command Center. The only person capable of stopping her is John Koenig, but he is busy fighting demons of his own.
Clcik to view The Seance Spectre archive 20. The Sťance Spectre
Greg Sanderson and his surface exploration team are furious because they are denied access to Command Center, especially since the Moon is now approaching a freak weather belt which may contain a habitable planet. Using stunguns they knock out Command personnel and hold a sťance and predict that the weather belt does contain a planet which could sustain them. Koenig and Maya have taken an Eagle into the weather belt and located the planet in question. It turns out to be a barren, inhospitable rock, which to make matters worse, is on a collision course with the Moon.
Click here to visit the Dorzak archive 21. Dorzak
Following an urgent request for assistance, a Croton spaceship is allowed to land on Alpha. The occupants of the ship, Sahala,  Yesta, and their prisoner, a Psychon named Dorzak. Sahala explains that they are taking him into exile for crimes he has committed against her people. Maya refuses to believe her story, remembering Dorzak as a peaceful philosopher. She visits Dorzak in the form of Sahala and learns he is as evil as Sahala had said. But Dorzak discovers Maya's deception and uses his strong telepathic powers to learn the art of molecular transformation.
Click here to visit the Devil's Planet archive 22. Devil's Planet
Responding to a distress call, Koenig and medical officer Blake Maine take an Eagle to the planet Ellna, only to discover that everyone is dead. As they leave the planet, their Eagle malfunctions and crashes on a nearby moon. Maine is killed by an energy barrier on the prison moon Entra, and Koenig is captured by Elizia the overseer of the facility. He learns that she maintains control over her staff and prisoners by letting them believe all is well on their home planet. Koenig, steps into the teleportation booth and challenges her to follow.
Click here to visit the Immunity Syndrome archive 23. The Immunity Syndrome
An expedition to an Earth-like planet goes bad, when Tony Verdeschi goes insane, for no apparent reason, kills a member of the crew, and disappears into the woods. The situation worsens as the water and fruit turn to poison, and the atmosphere changes causing all the metal in their ships and equipment to corrode, cutting them off from Alpha. Alan and Koenig discover the records of an alien that describes an energy being on this planet, the sight of which can cause insanity. In order to save the lives of his colleagues, Koenig must find a way to communicate with this being.
24. The Dorcons
A Dorcon warship appears over Alpha and demands that they surrender Maya to them. They need a Psychon brain stem to make their leader immortal. Maya being the last living Psychon, they will stop at nothing to get her. After a devastating attack, the Dorcons transport down to a badly damaged moonbase and take Maya. They return to their ship... with an unexpected guest, as Koenig had jumped into their transporter beam seconds before they shut it off. They imprison him as they prepare for the impending operation. Now he must free himself, rescue Maya, and get off the alien space craft.

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