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Season 1

Click here to view Breakaway Archive 1.Breakaway
September 9, 1999, John Koenig is assigned to Moonbase Alpha find the source of a mysterious illness killing the crew of a deep space probe destined for the planet Meta. The source is determined to be a new form of magnetic radiation. The source of which is traced to Nuclear Waste Area 1,which violently explodes in a magnetic, subsurface fire storm. With temperatures rising in Area 2, containing140 times the nuclear waste of Area 1, time is running out. If the Alphans can't find a solution, the resulting explosion could destroy the Moon.
Click to view the Matter of Life and Death Archive 2. Matter of Life and Death
A reconnaissance flight to the planet Terra Nova returns to Alpha with it's crew unconscious and an extra man on board. He is Lee Russell, Helena's husband lost years earlier on the Astro 7 space mission in orbit over Jupiter. Russell attempts to warn the Alphans away from the planet. Unsuccessful, he simply dies. Ignoring Lee Russel's warnings, and Victor's advise, Koenig leads a landing party down to the planet. In what appears to be a paradise, things start to go horribly wrong. After the Moon explodes in the sky, and everyone else is dead, Helena, has only one hope for a second chance.
Click to view Black Sun Archive 3. Black Sun
An asteroid on a collision course with Alpha suddenly changes course, and is destroyed by an unseen force. An Eagle is sent out to investigate the strange occurrence. Too late for astronaut Michael Ryan, Victor discovers that the Moon is being drawn into a black sun. Victor designs a force field that he hopes will help them survive the crushing gravitational forces they know to expect within. Unsure of their chances of survival, Koenig orders one Eagle to be launched, in the opposite direction, with a select crew in hopes of raising the odds that some may survive.
Click to view the Ring Around the Moon Archive 4. Ring Around the Moon
A Triton space probe locks the Moon in a force field, and takes control of Ted Clifford, causing him to start transmitting classified data from Computer. He dies minutes into the process. An Eagle is sent to investigate the alien probe. Unable to penetrate the force field surrounding it, the Eagle is hurled back to the Moon where is crash lands near Alpha. A rescue team is dispatched. While on the lunar surface, Helena is abducted by the Tritons to replace Ted Clifford. She, too, will die, unless Koenig can stop the alien probe which has a strangle-hold on their Moon.
Click to see the Earthbound Archive 5. Earthbound
A Kaldorian spacecraft crash lands on the Moon on it's way to Earth. One of the ship's crew is killed when his sleep chamber is forced open by the Alphans in an attempt to revive him. The aliens forgive the accidental death of their comrade, and Zantor, the alien commander, agrees to take one human in his place, when their ship is repaired, and they continue their journey to Earth. Koenig assigns Computer the task of selecting one person to go. Dissatisfied with only one chance out of 300, Commissioner Simmonds will stop at nothing to ensure it is him.
Click to see the Another Time, Another Place Archive 6. Another Time, Another Place
The Moon passes through a rift in the fabric of space/time, and finds itself heading into orbit around Earth. Regina Kesslan, the only person to be physically affected by the phenomenon, develops a sunburn in Medical Centre and claims that she sees two Moons in the sky. As the Moon locks into orbit, Regina dies. Another Moon is detected in orbit, and the two are on a collision course! As a small landing party scouts the devastated Earth for a place suitable to support life, they discover themselves living five years in the future.
Click to see the Missing Link Archive 7. Missing Link
After a near fatal Eagle crash, Koenig appears to be in a coma, when, in fact, he has been kidnapped by an alien anthropologist named Raan of the planet Zenno. Unable to escape, Koenig finds himself falling in love with Raan's beautiful daughter, Vana. Displeased with this development, Raan informs Koenig that in his absence, Alpha is teetering on the brink of chaos. Now Koenig must choose between his new life and love, and his place on Alpha before the plug is pulled on his dying body back on Alpha, stranding him on Zenno forever.
Click to view Guardian of Piri Archive 8. Guardian of Piri
A reconnaissance Eagle is lost over the planet Piri. Koenig and Alan investigate, to find it suspended over the alien landscape. After a fight with Alan, Koenig returns to Alpha whose computer, under control of the Guardian of Piri, reports that Piri is the perfect planet they have been searching for. The Alphans are spellbound by the Guardian, and everyone abandons Alpha for the promise of "peace and happiness" of Piri. Everyone, that is, except Koenig, who knows that the peace of Piri is more like a piece of death, and that, somehow, he must rescue his people from the Guardian's control.
Click to see the Force of Life Archive 9. Force of Life
Anton Zoref is struck by a strange ball of blue light. He has been invaded by a life force that consumes energy, leaving a trail of drained machines and frozen bodies in its wake. The only way to stop him is to cut all power on Alpha. Dying, he heads for the power station, where he is confronted by Koenig, Carter, and Bergman. In a severely weakened state, he lunges at Koenig, but Carter fires his laser, set to "Kill", at Zoref. His body is charred but the energy renews his strength and he heads for the reactor's core, which spells certain disaster for Alpha.
Click to see the Alpha Child Archive 10. Alpha Child
Jackie Crawford is the first child to be born on the Moon, but Alpha's joy quickly turns to horror as the child ages five years in the matter of minutes. Though most of the Alphans soon grow to love the deaf-mute child, he terrifies his mother and worries Koenig.  As four alien spaceships, matching one drawn by Jackie, appear over Alpha, the child transforms into a full-grown man named Jarak, who after killing his mother, and replacing her with his partner Rena, informs Koenig of his terrifying plans for the people of Alpha.
Click to see The Last Sunset Archive 11. The Last Sunset
As a reconnaissance Eagle approaches the planet Ariel, a small probe attaches itself to its hull. Back at Alpha, it begins to emit mass quantities of gas, as hundreds of little probes land and adjust the Moon's gravity to Earth-normal, providing the Moon with a livable environment. This miraculous transformation is not without it's dangers. While some are enjoying the sun and fresh air, Helena, Paul, Alan, and Sandra crash land due to a violent storm. As it turns out that the Moon is not going into orbit around Ariel, it is a race to find the downed Eagle and its crew, before the atmosphere is stripped away.
Click to see Voyager's Return Archive 12. Voyager's Return
As Voyager One approaches Alpha, two Eagles are destroyed by it's, neutron wake. They must turn off the dangerous Queller Drive, and switch to chemical rockets, if they want to retrieve the valuable information this probe has gathered during it's long voyage through the galaxy. Luckily, one of the designers of the craft is assigned to Alpha under an assumed name. They manage to land the craft safely, but are contacted by the survivors of the Sidon race, whose worlds were all but destroyed by the Queller Drive. Now they wish to take their revenge on Alpha.
Click to see Collision Course archive 13. Collision Course
The Moon is on a collision course with the planet Astheria. Victor comes up with a plan to avert disaster. As Koenig goes to gather more data on the planet, his Eagle is engulfed by an enormous spaceship. Inside, he meets Arra, who convinces him that he must let their planets collide for the great purpose of mutation. When he returns to Alpha, Helena, believing that he is suffering from radiation sickness, sedates him. Koenig tries to stop Victor's plan, but is his faith in Arra strong enough to convince the others to let their Moon collide with another planet?
Click to see Death's Other Dominion archive 14. Death's Other Dominion
Alpha receives a transmission from Ultima Thule, a planet with a surface temperature of 200 degrees below zero. One voice inviting them to visit the lost paradise, another warning them away. They decide to Investigate the source of the signal. After losing part of their landing party in a blizzard, they discover the survivors of the Uranus probe of 1986, lead by Captain Jack Tanner. Dr. Cabot Rowland, who claims to have found the secret of eternal life, offers to share it with the Alphans. But Captain Jack Tanner knows that eternal life comes with a price.
Click to see The Full Circle archive 15. The Full Circle
When Alpha loses contact with a landing party on the planet Retha, the ir Eagle is returned by remote control to Alpha. Aboard, there's no trace of the crew, but the body of a caveman is found. When Koenig and Helena go to investigate, and disappear, Carter goes to look for them and is attacked by a group of primitives. Sandra is captured and taken to a cave, where she becomes the prize two cavemen fight for. Frightened, Sandra hits the victor in the head with a rock and escapes, but not before noticing how strongly the leader of the cavemen resembles John Koenig.
Click to see the End of Eternity Archive 16. End of Eternity
Investigating a passing asteroid, the Alphans detect an atmosphere within, and blast into a sealed chamber where they find the badly injured body of the sole inhabitant. Helena fears he will not survive, but amazingly he recovers, and tells them that his name is Balor and he was imprisoned after bringing immortality to his people and then trying to take the gift away after seeing how apathetic they had become. In reality, however, Balor is a psychopath who loves to cause pain and destruction, and now he has his sights set on the people of Alpha.
Click to see War Games Archive 17. War Games
A fleet of Mark IX Hawks approach the Moon from a nearby planet. Fearing attack, Koenig orders a first strike. After devastating Alpha, the Hawks are destroyed, but a larger alien vessel follows them in. Alan's Eagle, thought to be dead, takes out the alien doomsday machine. Koenig and Helena fly to the planet to plead for mercy. They meet with two aliens who deny their pleas, stating that humans are a virus that would destroy their civilization. Helena is captured, and Koenig escapes. In a blind rage he sets off a reaction that all but destroys the planet. But things are not necessarily what they seem.
Click to view The Last Enemy Archive 18. The Last Enemy
Alpha becomes a pawn in a war between two worlds on opposite sides of their sun. The Bethans land a giant battle cruiser on the lunar surface using the Moon as a ready made gun platform. The Deltans return fire, apparently destroying the Bethan ship. An escape pod is launched from the Bethan ship and makes it's way to Alpha. Koenig negotiates a cease-fire between the two worlds, understanding that if the truce is broken, Alpha will suffer the consequences, but he underestimated Dionne's cunning. Her ship is functional, and she intends to win this war, whatever the cost.
Click to view The Troubled Spirit Archive 19. The Troubled Spirit
An eerie wind sweeps through Alpha, and botanist Dan Mateo collapses during what appears to be a sťance. When investigations into the unexplained drop in temperatures coinciding with his experiment,s come to Mateo, he explains that he was trying to communicate, with the plants by electronically enhanced telepathy. When people that oppose Mateo's work start dying in gruesome ways, it becomes evident that somehow Mateo has summoned up his own ghost ...a ghost bent on avenging a horrible death that has not yet happened.
Click to view Space Brain Archive 20. Space Brain
When alien hieroglyphics suddenly appear on all of Alpha's monitors, an Eagle is sent out to investigate. The pilots report a fantastic display of light in space, then contact is lost. When a meteor hits near Alpha, it is found to be the compressed remains of the missing Eagle. It is learned, too late, that the source of the lights is a brain that is trying to help Alpha avoid a collision with it, because an Eagle filled with nuclear explosives has been launched toward the space brain. Koenig recalls the ship, but the remote control system has shorted out, and the ship is headed straight for Alpha.
Click to view The Infernal Machine Archive 21. The Infernal Machine
A strange craft approaches Alpha, and asks permission to land. Koenig agrees, and is invited along with Helena and Bergman to meet the visitor. They meet an old man who calls himself "Companion". He tells them that Gwent is in need of supplies. When Koenig asks to see Gwent, Companion informs him that the entire space craft is Gwent. But Gwent needs more than just supplies, for Companion is dying and a new one must be found. Soon, the old man dies and Gwent delivers his ultimatum: unless he gets the supplies and a new companion, he will destroy Alpha.
Click to view Mission of the Darians Archive 22. Mission of the Darians
Alpha answers a distress call from the colossal spaceship Daria. The craft is at least fifty miles long and two miles wide. They arrive at the ship and split up to search for the survivors. They find two separate colonies within the ship. Koenig and Bergman encounter a civilized society lead by the beautiful Kara, whilst the others encounter a group of savages, violent and primitive. They capture Helena and plan to sacrifice her to their God. After being invited to join them on their voyage to their new world, Victor discovers that the Darians are not quite as civilized as they initially thought.
Click to view Dragon's Domain archive 23. Dragon's Domain
What begins as a quiet Alphan evening quickly becomes the reliving of a nightmare. Koenig is forced to stun his close friend Tony Cellini, when he attempts to steal an Eagle to find and kill the monster that had killed the crew of the ill fated Ultra Probe mission of 1996. Helena recalls the story Cellini told the medical board about a tentacled monster that killed his crew, but no one believed his story... until Alpha encounters the same graveyard of spaceships Cellini reported behind Ultra. His second attempt at stealing an Eagle succeeds and Cellini sets out to face his Dragon for a final confrontation.
Click to View The Testament of Arkadia archive 24. The Testament of Arkadia
The Moon is stopped dead in space near a lifeless world. Severe power losses force the Alphans to explore the planet for a possible site for colonization. They find a petrified world just barely coming back to life after a great holocaust. In a cave they find human skeletons and an inscription in Sanskrit. By translating the text, it is learned that the people of Arkadia who escaped the holocaust, colonized Earth, and the coming of the Moon had been pre-ordained. As Alpha is slowly dying, two people decide to fulfill the prophecy and return life to Arkadia, but at what cost?

This guide is in order of production, which is not necessarily the order in which they were aired.

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